Teacher's Council
Executive Committee:
  1. President: Dr. Dilip Sarkar (Principal)
  2. Secretary: Sri Abhijit Datta
  3. Joint secretary: Dr Supriya Das, Sri Asim Kr. Pal
  4. Treasurer: Sri Subir Acharjee
Sub Committee:
(A) Academic & Examination Sub-committee:
  1. Convener: Dr. Raghunandan Das
  2. Member: Sri Rana Kanta Nath
  3. Member: Smt. Dipanwita Chakraborty
  4. Member: Dr. Suvadip Paul
  5. Member: Sri Abhijit Das
  6. Member: Sri Ajay Kumar Deb
  7. Member: Dr. Ashish Bhattacharjee
(B) Social Entertainment Sub-Committee:
  1. Convener: Sri Bibhash Deb
  2. Member: Smt. Snigdha Paul
  3. Member: Dr. Nandita Roy
  4. Member: Dr. Ankan Sinha
  5. Member: Smt Mrinal Das Gupta
  6. Member: Smt. Sima Sutradhar
C) Library Sub-Committee, Website Update & other IT Activity:
  1. Convener: Dr. Raghunandan Das
  2. Member: Dr. Suvadip Paul
  3. Member: Sri Tapas Das Gupta
  4. Member: Smt. Dipanwita Chakraborty
  5. Member: Smt. Trishita Dewan
  6. Member: Sri Babuchand Sinha
  7. Member: Sri Supriyo Sarkar
  8. Member: Sri Debojit Choudhury (Librarian)
(D) Magazine and Literary Sub-Committee:
  1. Convener: Sri Basu Maan Daas
  2. Member: Dr. Surojit Chakraborty
  3. Member: Dr. Atish Chandra Ghosh
  4. Member: Dr. Ranendra Ch. Nath
  5. Member: Smt. Kshama Chakraborty
  6. Member: Smt Sangita Chanda
  7. Member: Smt. Anupama Sinha
  8. Member: Smt. Lalnghakhleli Rawite
(E) Students' Council Election Sub-Committee:
  1. Convener: Sri Ajoy Kumar Deb
  2. Member: Dr. Suman Adhikari
  3. Member: Sri Bamkim Debbarma
  4. Member: Sri Rajat Debnath
  5. Member: Sri Abhijit Datta
(F) Games & Sports Sub-committee:
  1. Convener: Dr. Ankan Sinha
  2. Member: Dr. Sri Apurba Sinha
  3. Member: Sri Prabal Kumar Chowdhury
  4. Member: Sri Subir Acharjee
  5. Member: Sri Dibakar Sinha
  6. Member: Sri Prahlad Pal
(G) Discipline Sub-Committee:
  1. Convener: Dr. Sri Nirmal Saha
  2. Member: Dr. Smt Mrinal Dasgupta
  3. Member: Smt. Snigdha Paul
  4. Member: Sri Chandanmoy Pal
(H) Farewell and other Social relation sub-committee :
  1. Convener: Sri Rana Kanta Nath
  2. Member: Dr. Ranendra Chandra Nath
  3. Member: Sri Dibakar Sinha
  4. Member: Smt Bina Chakraborty
(I) Committee Against Sexual Harassment(CASH):
  1. Convener: Dr. Sambhunath Rakshit, Principal
  2. Member: Dr. Manik Bhattacharya, TC Secretary
  3. Member Secretary: Smt. Snigdha Paul
  4. Member: Smt. Nandita Ray
  5. Member: Sri Nirmal Saha
  6. Member: Sri Rajesh Bhattacharjee - Joint Director
  7. Member: Sri Maniklala Nath - Lawyer
  8. Member: Smt. Aparna Jamatia
(J) Social Protection Cell:
  1. Convener: Sri Asim Kumar Paul
  2. Member: Sri Pranab Das
  3. Member: Smt. Sima Sutradhar
  4. Member: Smt. Lalnghakhleli Rawite
(K) Career Counselling, Entrepreneurship Development & Placement Cell:
  1. Convener: Sri. Supriya Dam
  2. Member: Sri Bankim Debbarma
  3. Member: Sri Pradip Ranjan Paria
  4. Member: Sri Abhijit Datta
  5. Member: Sri Satyajit Das
(I) Research & Seminar Sub Committee:
  1. Convener: Dr. Sambhunath Rakshit, Principal
  2. Member: Dr. Manik Bhattacharya, TC Secretary.
  3. Member: Dr. Sujit Ranjan Das
  4. Member: Dr. Ranendra Chandra Nath
  5. Member: Sri Nirmal Saha.
  6. Member: Dr. Suman Adhikari.
  1. For any information you can contact at the following details
  2. The Secretary
  3. Teachers Council
  4. Govt. Degree College, Dharmanagar
  5. North Tripura - 799253
  6. E-mail : gdcdmr@rediffmail.com


Teachers Council 2018-19

Government Degree College, Dharmanagar


This is to inform o all of the esteemed colleagues that the Teacher’s Council , 2018-19 is formed in a meeting held on 31-07-2018 unanimously with the following members:


Executive Committee:                President, Dr. Dilip Sarkar

Secretary: Abhijit Datta

Joint Secretary: Sanghita Chanda

Joint Secretary: Bibhas Deb

Treasurer: Subir Acharjee


Academic and Examination Sub Committee: Dr Raghu Nandan Das (Convenor)

                                                                                Dipanwita Chakraborty (Jt. Convenor)

                                                                                Tapash Chakma

Satyendra Das

Abhijit Das

Ajoy Kr. Deb

Rana kanta Nath

Sanghita Chanda



Cultural and Social entertainment:                  Dipanwita Bhattacharjee (Convenor)

                                                                                Dr. Ankan Sinha (Jt.Convenor)

Dr. Nandita Roy

Dr. Manik Bhattacharjee

                                                                               Sima Sutradhar                                                                                                                                                               Gayatri Kashyap

Dr. Santanu Ghosh

Dibakar Deb


Magazine and literary sub Committee:             Dr. Nandita Roy (Convenor)

Dr. Surajit Chakraborty

Dr. Ranendra Ch. Nath

Dr. Santanu Ghosh

Dr. Raghunandan Das

Lalnghakhleli Rawite

Dibakar deb


Students’ Union Council Election Sub Committee:     Paritosh Nag

                                                                                              Dr Suman Adhikari

Bankim Debbarma

Bibhas Deb

Abhijit Das


Games and Sports Sub-Committee:                               Dr. Ankan Sinha (Convenor)

Sri Probal Chowdhury ( Jt.Convenor)

Bapi Adhikari

Sima Sutradhar

Trishita Dewan

Tapash Chakma

Dibakar Sinha

Bankim Debbarma

Apurba Sinha


Library Subcommittee:                                                      Principal. GDC, Dharmanagar, Chairman

Debojit Choudhury, Librarian, (Convenor)

Trishita Dewan, (Jt. Convenor)

Abhijit Das (Co-ordinator, RUSA)

Dr. Surajit Chakraborty (Member Secy., UGC)

 Anupama Sinha

Babuchand Sinha

Asit Asit Rn. Debnath




Website Update and other IT Activity:                           Supriyo Sarkar (Convenor)

                                                                                             Dr. SumanAdhikari

                                                                                             Dr. Raghunandan Das

                                                                                             Dr. Supriya Dam

                                                                                             Asim Kr. Paul


Discipline SubCommittee:                                               Dr. Atish Chandra Ghosh (Convenor)

 Dr. Surajit Chakrabarty (Jt. Convenor)

Snigdha Paul

                                                                                             Dr. Ranendra Ch. Nath

                                                                                             Apurba Sinha


Farewell and other Social Relation Subcommittee:            Dibakar Deb (Convenor)

                                                                                              Dr. Asish Bhattacharjee

Subir Acharjee

Anupama Sinha

Kshma Chakraborty

 Bina Chakraborty

Bapi Adhikari




Committee Against Sexual Harassment:                           President (Principal. GDC, Dharmanagar)

                                                                                              Snigdha Paul (Convenor)

Lalnghakhleli Rawite

                                                                                              Dr. Supriya Das

Dr. Ranendra Ch. Nath

Dr. Surajit Chakraborty

Dr. Raghunandan Das

Joint Director, DHE, Govt. of Tripura

                                                                                              Debasree Bhattacharjee (Lawyer)


Social Protection Cell:                                                       Bankim Debbarma (Convenor)

                                                                                              Dr. Sujeet Rn. Das

                                                                                              Subir Acharjee

Probal Kr. Chowdhury

Chandanmoy Paul


Guidance and Counseling, Carrier Counseling, Entrepreneurship development

and Placement Cell :                                                         Dr. Supriya Dam (Convenor)

                                                                                              Dr.Raghunandan Das

                                                                                              Dr. Santanu Ghosh

                                                                                              Dr.Suman Adhikari

                                                                                              Dipanwita Chakraborty



Research and Seminar Sub Committee:   Principal cum TC President, Dr Dilip Sarkar (Convenor)

                                                                                             Abhijit Datta, TC Secy.

                                                                                             Dr. Ranendra Ch. Nath

Dr. Raghunandan Das,

Dr. Suvadip Paul.

Dr. Suman Adhikari

Dr. Manik Bhattacharjee


Repairing and Maintenance Committee:                            Dr. Sujit Rn Das (Convenor)

Dr. Atish Chandra Ghosh

Apurba Sinha

Ranakanta Nath

 Babuchand Sinha


Asset Supervising Committee:                                        Dr. Suman Adhikari (Convenor)

Supriya Sarkar

Tapash Chakma

 Dr. Asish Bhattacharjee

                                                                                              Asim Kr Paul



Anti Ragging Cell:         Principal, GDC, Dharmanagar, Chairman

                                        Dr. Suman Adhikari , Nodal Officer

                                        DM, North & SP, North, Representatives of Civil and Police Administration

                                        To be proposed by Principal,    Representative of Local Media,

                                        To be proposed by Principal,    Representative of NGOs involved in Youth Activity

                                        Dr. Sujeet Rn Das & Bapi Adhikari, Representative of Faculty Members

                                        Jyotsna Nath,  Representitive of Parents

                                        VP and GS, SUC, Representative of Students

Subal Das, Representative of Nonteaching Staffs


Students Grievance Redressal Committee:                            Principal, GDC, Dharmanagar (Convenor)

Abhijit Datta, Secy, TC, Nodal Officer

Snigdha Paul, Member

 Dr Ankan Sinha, Member

Tapash Chakma Member


NAAC Committee:

Advisory Body:                                        Principal, GDC, Dharmanagar

Dr. Ranendra Ch. Nath

Dr. Surajit Chakraborty

                                                                                              Snigdha Paul

Dr. Atish Chandra Ghosh

Dr. Suman Adhikari (Convenor)

                          Dr. Ankan Sinha (Joint Convenor)


IQAC :  Dr. Suvadip Paul (Convenor)

Science Forum : Dr. Asish Bhattacharjee(Co-ordinator)

RUSA: Abhijit Das (Co-ordinator)

UGC: Dr. Surajit Chakraborty (Member Secy.)

NSS: Chandanmoy Paul (Programmee Officer)

NCC: Sri Satyendra Das (CTO)


Copy to: 1. All Concerned

2. Notice File (Professor’s Common Room)



Dr. Dilip Sarkar

Principal, Govt. Degree College