Research Facility

The college provides paramount importance to promote research consultancy and extension activities in the college. It has a Research Committee to monitor and address the issues on research. The committee meets regularly to discuss the various plans and reviews the policies for promoting research. The college creates a conducive ambience for smooth implementation of the research projects and it encourages inter-disciplinary research with various national agencies. The institution has organized a number of seminars and conferences in which eminent personalities were invited.

The college takes initiatives in transferring and advocating the relative findings of the research to the students and the community. Most of the faculty members of various departments are undertaking minor and major research projects.

All the staff members are permitted to attend national and international level seminars and Staff members are motivated to publish articles and books.

A Journal has been launched entitled (Prayas - An international journal of multidisciplinary studies, ISSN 2348-618X) and the researchers are motivated to publish their articles. It serves as a platform to disseminate and advance knowledge in their specialized areas.

The Research & Seminar Sub Committee look into the overall research activities in the institution and try to provide financial assistance as well as proper atmosphere for smooth conduct of research activities. The members of the Research and Seminar sub comittee are-

  • Dr. Sambhunath Rakshit, Principal
  • Member : Dr. Manik Bhattacharya, TC Secretary.
  • Member: Dr. Sujit Ranjan Das
  • Member : Dr. Ranendra Chandra Nath
  • Member : Sri Basu Kumar Debnath, DDO.
  • Member: Dr. Suman Adhikari.