In association with IGNOU, Govt. Degree College, Dharmanagar offers a wide range of Programmes both short-term and long-term leading to Certificates, Diplomas, Post Graduate Diplomas, Undergraduate Degreees and Post Graduate degrees which are conventional as well as innovative. These courses are launched with a view to fulfill the learner's need for:


Improvement of skills

Acquisition of professional qualifications

Continuing education and professional development at work place

Self enrichment

Diversification and updating of knowledge

Courses Offered:

  • MEG (Master degree in English)
  • M.Com (Master degree in Commerce)
  • M.P.S. (Master degree in Political Science)
  • MAPY (Master degree in Philosophy)
  • MAH (Master degree in Hostory)
  • MA (EDU) (Master degree in Education)
  • MSW (Master degree in Social Work)
  • MARD (Master degree in Rural Development)
  • MEC (Master degree in Economics)
  • MPA (Master degree in Public Administration)
  • MSW (Master degree in Social Work)
  • MSO (Master degree in Sociology)
  • BCA (Bachalor in Computer Application)
  • BSW (Bachalor degree in Social Work)
  • BDP (Bachalor degree program, B.A, B.Com)
  • BTS (Bachalor degree program in Tourism Studies)
  • DTS (Diploma in Tourism Studies)
  • PGDRD (Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Development)
  • DAFE (Diploma in HIV and Family Educatiom)
  • PGDESD (Post Graduate Diploma in Environment and Sustainable Development)
  • CTS (Certificate in Tourism Studies)
  • CRD (Certificate in Rural Development)
  • CFN (Certificate Course in Food and Nutrition)
  • CNCC (Certificate in Nutrition and Child Care)
  • BPP (Only for admission in B.A, B.Com, BSW and BTS)
  • CIT (Certificate course in Information Technology)
  • CTMP (Certificate in Teaching of Primary School Mathematics)
  • CIG (Certificate in Guidence)
  • CAFE (Certificate in HIV and Family Education)
  • CDM (Certificate in Disaster Management)
  • CBS (Certificate in Business Skills)
  • ACE (Appreciation course in Environment)

For any information contact:

Dr. Suman Adhikar, Asst. Professor, Co-Ordinator, Email Id: ignousc2602@rediffmail.com, sumanadhi@gmail.com

Dr. Manik Bhattacharjee, Asst. Professor, Asstt. Co-Ordinator

Dr. Suvadip Paul, Asst. Professor, Asstt. Co-Ordinator,

Dr. Ankan Sinha,Asst. Professor, Asstt. Co-Ordinator,

Sri Bankim Debbarma, Asst. Professor, Asstt. Co-Ordinator,