Anti-Ragging Cell:

Ragging in any form is not permitted in the College campus including Hostels and college campus.If any student violates the orders in force,he/she will be dealt with as per the Govt. Rules.If the applicant for admission is found to have indulged in ragging in the past or if it is noticed later that he/she had indulged in ragging admission may be refused or he/she shall be expelled from the institution and fees paid will not be refunded to the student. It is mandatory for every student and parent/guradian to sign a combined undertaking in the prescribed format as per Anti Ragging Law. An anti-ragging cell is functioning in the College under the control of the Principal and is guided by the District Collector and Deputy Superintendent of Police, Dharmanagar.

There is an Anti-ragging committee in our college for curving menace of ragging in the institution with Principal as chairman and Dr. Suman Adhikari as Nodal Officer.

Anti- Ragging Committee:

  • Dr. Sambhunath Rakshit, Principal (Chairman)
  • District Magistrate North Tripura & Superintendent of Police, North Tripura (Representative of Civil and Police administration)
  • Sri Joytirmoy Roy (Representative of Local Media)
  • Sri Uttam Chaudhury (Representative of NGOs involved in youth activitie)
  • Dr. Suvadip Paul, Dr. Nandita Roy & Sri Ajoy Deb (Representative of Faculty Members)
  • Smt. Jharna Rani Datta Nath & Smt. Manjulika Sen (Representative of Parents)
  • Sri Joydip Nath & Sri Subroto Nath (Representative of students)
  • Miss Ananya Dhar (Representative of students)
  • Sri Dulal Acharjee & Sri Asit Ranjan Nath (Representative of Non- Teaching staffs)

Nodal officer:

Dr. Suman Adhikari, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry

Contact: 03822-220387, +91-9774354025, Email:

Objectives of Anti Ragging Committee:

Anti-Ragging Committee will be the Supervisory and Advisory Committee on matters of Planning Action for Building and Preserving a Culture of Ragging Free Environment in the College Campus. The Anti Ragging Squad will work under the Supervision of Anti Ragging Committee and to engage in the works of checking places like Hostels, Canteens, Classrooms and other places of student congregation, for any incidences of Ragging, and shall educate the students at large in the College about Menace of Ragging and related Punishment Provisions. Anti Ragging Committee will be involved in designing strategies and action plan for curbing the Menace of Ragging in the University by adopting array of activities.

Anti- Ragging Squad

  • Dr. Sambhunath Rakshit, Principal (Chairman)
  • Dr. Manik Bhattacharya, Asst. Professor (Member)
  • Sri Pradip Ranjan Paria, Asst. Professor (Member)
  • Dr. Ranendra Chandra Nath, Asst. Professor (Member)
  • Smt. Mrinal Dasgupta, Asst. Professor (Member)
  • Sri Ajoy Kumar Deb, PGT (Member)
  • Sri Asim Kumar Pal, PGT (Member)
  • Sri Dulal Acharjee (Representative of Non- Teaching staff)

Objectives of Anti Ragging Squad:

Anti Ragging Squad will be working under the Monitoring of Anti Ragging Committee and will seek advice from the Anti Ragging Committee. The Functions of Anti Ragging Squad will be to keep a vigil and stop the incidences of Ragging, if any, happening /reported in the places of Student aggregation including, Classrooms, Canteens, Grounds, Hostels etc. The Squad will also educate the students at large by adopting various means about the Menace of Ragging and related Punishments thereto. A gamut of positive reinforcement activities will have to be adopted by Anti- Ragging Squad for orienting students and molding their personality for a better cause. They shall work in Consonance and Guidance of Anti Ragging Committee.